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Diamond and CBN Wheels, Drills, Countersinks

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Technodiamant B.V. has been a leading European manufacturer of diamond and CBN wheels and tools since 1968.  Many industries, including metalworking, electronic, plastic, ceramic and the glass industry use Technodiamant products.


Technodiamant manufactures metalbond, resinbond, and copper/resin bond wheels for the metalworking industry.  Virtually all of our products are made to order, with delivery time ranging from 2-6 weeks.  We manufacture diamond and CBN wheels with grit size, grit type, and binder tailored to the customers specific requirements.  Some standard wheels are available with delivery ex-stock.  Ceramicbond (Vitrified) wheels are also offered, with delivery time of 6-8 weeks.

For more detailed information on Concentrations, Binder Types, and Cutting Depths, please click here.

Dressing tools are also available - please inquire.  Please see our web page on dressing tools, or see details that are included in our Wheel catalog.

Diamond wheels, drills and countersinks are also manufactured specifically for the glass industry.  These are employed in the manufacture of carglass, mirrors, flat-glass and architectural glass products.  Diamond wheels with profiles in almost any requested shape can be supplied.

One of the outstanding advantages of Technodiamant glass drills and countersinks is the fact that the body is made of stainless steel.

Only the highest quality diamond powders are used in Technodiamant products.  We do not offer "economy" wheels, but a premium quality product at a competitive price.

Please contact us for a quotation according to your requirements.  When ordering, it is of importance to mention as much detail as possible about the application.  This enables Technodiamant to best fulfill the needs of the customer.

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