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Synthetic & Natural Diamond Turning Tools and Inserts

Technodiamant offers a full range of natural diamond, synthetic diamond, PCD, and CBN tools.  They are available in our "Insert System" or as traditional rigid shank tools.  For diamond turning carbide, aluminum, brass, electroless nickel, plastics, and crystalline materials such as CaF2, Silicon, Germanium.

Radiused, half-radiused, fresnel, and other specialty tools are offered according to customer requirements.  We are dedicated to applications of diamond in all areas of technology and industry.



Monocrystalline synthetic diamond tools perform extremely well for single point diamond turning of highly abrasive materials such as high silicon content aluminum. 

  • Improved Surface Finish
  • Longer Tool Life
  • Rapid Tool Change (with our 55 or 35 degree tool insert system)
  • Improved Price/Performance

All diamond tools experience wear in use and require periodic relapping.  This is also true for Technodiamant Synthetic Diamond Tools but with one important difference.  For highly abrasive materials, natural diamond tools will typically show a gradual deterioration in edge quality during use, whereas the synthetic diamond tends to keep it's edge quality more consistently through it's service, and then will dull rapidly.

Production downtime because of tool changes can often contribute substantially to reduced productivity - sometimes up to 45 minutes of production time can be lost during tool setup.  Technodiamant Diamond Tool Inserts have been designed with this problem in mind.  When the tool needs to be replaced, only the insert is removed leaving the mother shank undisturbed in the tool post.  The replacement and resetting of a new insert in the mother shank is a matter of ten minutes work, thereby keeping lost production to a minimum.  The centerline of the radius from insert-to-insert is held to within 20 microns.

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